Call to the Pen: Halloween Baseball Blog Post Extravaganza!

The most important thing is that this blog post features a reference to, and video of, the popular children’s film Hocus Pocus (1993), as well as an image of a man dressed as a lobster with a San Francisco Giants logo on its chest.

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Today is Halloween! You probably already knew that. If you didn’t already know, I need to ask you how that’s even remotely possible. Aren’t you on a computer and also the internet and don’t you live in the age of information? To not be aware of Halloween on Halloween would take a dedicated and considered effort to avoid such things. I suppose you could object to Halloween on moral or religious grounds, which is just fine, that’s your right and you’re free to live your life however you like, but even then, to not know that October 31st is Halloween still strikes me as rather peculiar. Baseball. This is a baseball blog. You can tell because of the name of the blog and also because of the picture that accompanies this post. The picture features San Francisco Giants fans! The Giants are a baseball team and they won the World Series! In October! Their team colors are orange and black and that one guy is dressed up as a lobster! Halloween! Full circle, ya’ll. We made it, kind of.


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