Call to the Pen: Pablo Sandoval Judged The Miss Universe Pageant


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Pablo Sandoval judged the Miss Universe pageant. He sure did, alright, and this is a blog post about it. This is a blog post about it because it’s the baseball offseason and the baseball offseason is typically really boring with a few, short, notable flashes of intrigue. I’m not willing to consider yesterday’s Mariners/Angels trade of Jason Vargas and Kendrys Morales one of those notable flashes of intrigue because man, what a boring trade. You’ve probably already read about it like six different times in six different places because that’s how the baseballing internet works when only one sort of interesting thing happens per week in the winter. The trade makes sense for both sides: ok hitter for an ok pitcher, park factors roster construction blah blah blah. Pablo Sandoval judging the Miss Universe pageant is a notable flash of intrigue because he’s a baseball player doing something abnormal and he was also on the team that won the World Series and he was also the Most Valuable Player in said World Series. I kind of forgot about that already. What’s today’s date, anyway? I feel like it’s been the winter/offseason for about six months now. Do I have Seasonal affective disorder? The acronym for Seasonal affective disorder is (SAD), so that’s pretty appropriate.


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