An Otter Dunking a Wiffle Ball


This GIF is related to baseball in that it’s not. I called the ball being dunked by the otter a wiffle ball in order to give myself the thinnest and most flimsy of pretenses to post about the GIF here. Because this is a baseball blog, remember? It sure is.

I don’t even want to write about this otter dunking this wiffle ball. I just want to watch it happen on a loop for the rest of eternity. Even now, as I’m typing these nonsense words, I can see the otter up above them, swimming, emerging from the water, gathering himself, and then launching up to place the ball through the hoop. I’m just watching it happen, this very instant. I’m hardly even thinking about what I’m typing and I’m not looking at the words or my keyboard because I spend a lot of time on computers and as a result can type at a respectable pace without any anchoring influence.

So just to be clear. I love that goddamned otter. I love that he’s dunking that ball that may or may not be a wiffle ball and may or may not be related to the sport of baseball in any way whatsoever.


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