Banknotes Harper Surrounded by Banknotes

After one fateful evening, in which I read Dayn Perry’s modern masterpiece “Banknotes Harper is Going to Have to Take This Call” and figuratively laughed my literal ass off, I awoke the next morning and browsed the myriad tubes of the world wide web, inspired and compelled to find and purchase the Brian Harper Cell Phone Baseball Card featured in the post. Let’s not examine my motivations and desires too much here, for there can only be losers. At any rate, I was able to procure my treasure for the extremely reasonable price of $3.19 plus $0.39 shipping. It was mailed my my home address and is now in my possession.

Now, if the baseballing internet and one Mr. Perry will allow me a humble homage, I would like to present my own awkwardly plagiaristic submission to the prestigious blogging genre of Men Surrounded By Things. I give you, for some reason, Banknotes Harper Surrounded by Banknotes:


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