Some Baseball Blog Posts Featuring the Seattle Mariners

I definitely write for Lookout Landing now. I’ve penned three posts at this point and I’m still there and they haven’t asked me to leave. It’s happening. It’s real. Seeing as Lookout Landing is a baseball blog that focuses on the Seattle Mariners, and I myself am also a Seattle Mariners fan, it seems like a not terrible idea to compile a few links to the posts I’ve written in the past that were about said Mariners. There have been 288 submissions around these parts and 50 of them have been tagged with “Seattle Mariners.” So those are some numbers. Below, you’ll find a link to all 50 (if you hate yourself, I suggest reading them all), as well as a hand-picked sampling from that number that I don’t completely despise. Maybe you came here from Lookout Landing and want to know how terrible I am at writing. Maybe you’re just super into the Seattle Mariners and lord help you. At any rate, there is Seattle Mariners content here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

All posts tagged “Seattle Mariners”

Oliver Perez: Vessel of the Divine

Please Remember That Felix Hernandez Threw a Perfect Game and Me and My Wife Were Both There As Witnesses

An Open Letter to the Person Selling an Autographed Erik Bedard Jersey on Seattle Craigslist

Purchased: Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr. 1991 Fleer Baseball Cards

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