Statement of Purpose

The Trance of Waiting aims to present the reader with entertaining content regarding the game of baseball—it’s happenings, it’s players, it’s wheelings and dealings, and so on. This content will hopefully demonstrate some semblance of nuance and considered thought, or in the case where the aforementioned qualities are absent, some hearty LOL’s and whimsical head shaking. Profanity will only be utilized when comedic effect renders it absolutely necessary, or when the English language fails to provide a suitable alternate (often). The blog will celebrate baseball as a vehicle for critical and creative thinking, as well as a microcosm of humanity in a much less terrifying and palatable form.

The namesake of The Trance of Waiting comes from author Don DeLillo’s extremely long American Novel Underworld, wherein some of the finest prose committed to the sport of baseball can be found, probably. In it, DeLillo writes, “The shortstop moves his feet to break the trance of waiting.” That seems like a fine thing, this “trance of waiting” baseball inspires, and both the moments before and after it is interrupted.


One thought on “Statement of Purpose

  1. philip says:

    I know your just using this blog as a vehicle to your own absurdist, post modern reactionary baseball ideology. Lulling the masses into a “trance of waiting” fog right before you drop the bomb about how sport is an agreed upon delusion that what happens in 3 hours between 18 people and a curved something has meaning and value. Its a virtualworld without the digital. Anyhoo loved the quote, wish i could hear read by timmoty leary or burroughs and sampled into a song.


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