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Joe Saunders To Start For Orioles in One-Game Wild Card Playoff

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Call to the Pen: Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics in Playoffs, Universe Still Intact

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No, what I’m thinking about now is the fanbases of those two teams. The people who aren’t reading this because they’re either hung over or still asleep. Or young children on buses headed to school. The fans of the A’s and O’s don’t give a shit if I enjoyed their teams success or if I think it’s a random fluke of variation. They lived and died with their teams for days and weeks and months. They had the game on in the background during dinner and screamed at their television and argued about the fourth outfielder with their neighbor. They hung on every pitched and hugged their friends and families when it was all over. I root for the Mariners, so maybe I’ll a little too romantic over the rarity of a successful baseball season, but I ran through the streets of San Francisco with Giants fans in 2010, and no one was talking about Pythagorean expectation that I could hear. There was just a lot of smiling and yelling and enjoying life.

I hope they ran in the streets of Baltimore and Oakland last night. I hope they high-fived strangers and drank cheap champagne from the bottle. I hope they sang loudly and cheered pure, saluting their teams and the happiness that had been wrought, and the sport of baseball encompassing all of it.


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Fansided: The Current MLB Standings: What in The

This went live on Wednesday, and I sure could have posted here twice in one day to let everyone know, but the goal is one entry per day and by spacing everything out I am now fulfilling that goal while also not having to do too much work on a Friday. Not doing things is so much better than doing things.

Please click this internet hyperlink to read the entire post over at FanSided

A consequence of moving is that I was without television and internet and hot baseball news for quite some time. It’s a long and boring story but for many days I was disconnected from the World Wide Web and the outside, digital world. I’m back now, after a long hiatus, and holy shit the baseball standings sure are crazy! Indeed, this entire season has been pretty wild for a while now, and surprises are to be expected, but wow! This is really how things are going to be, huh? Chaos reigns? Randomness is the only constant in the Universe? Our lives are fortuitous coincidences devoid of meaning? Sounds good to me. Bring on the apocalypse. I hope there’s a 6-way tie for one of the final Wild Card spots and we’re watching play-in games until Halloween. So what exactly is going on here? As a way to catch myself up, why don’t we list out some of the currently contending teams and try to make sense of this mess? No, “sense” is probably the wrong word. Let’s try and comment on this mess. We’ll make some comments.


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Jeter is an Overhyped Singles Slapper

I have neither the time nor the talent to properly summarize the glorious contents of the above internet video. Or I’m a lazy and terrible blogger, you decide! Suffice it to say (I just spent like six minutes on the internet trying to determine the proper phrasing of that term) that there are Yankees players being grilled like American Meats, using walkers like old people, and CC Sabathia being netted like a beached whale. There are also pirate ships, an eye-patch, batters swinging, missing, and screwing themselves into the ground, and all sorts of topical and appropriate jokes regarding baseball and baseball teams. Watch it. Feel mirth.

Embedded YouTube videos are really great for mailing in blog posts.

Thanks to CBS Sports Eye on Baseball (the Home for All Baseball Fans) and C. Trent Rosecrans and Dayn Perry for bringing this wonderful creation to my attention. I don’t really know how to properly give credit on the internet but I think that about covers it.


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Robert Andino and the Baltimore Orioles: The Funny Kind of Sad

This here is the funny kind of sad. Or maybe the sad kind of funny. Whatever it is, it stirs conflicting emotions within the author. Robert Andino and the Baltimore Orioles are a metaphor for human existence.


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Call to the Pen: 2012 AL East Division Preview

There’s only so many hacky ways one can write that the AL East has a ton of good teams. You know this to be true, I know this to be true, there’s not a lot of room left over for creative insights. Well, sure, there probably is, actually, but let’s not sit here and pretend like I’m going to come up with any of them. All I’m going to do is write semi-ironic sentences that end in lazy exclamation points. Something like: The American League East sure does have a lot of teams that are really good at playing the sport of baseball!

Moving on: I previewed the AL East over at Call to the Pen. Click yourself on over there to read about all five teams—a best case scenario, worst case scenario, and storyline to watch for each of them. I have this little hope inside that that Blue Jays put everything together, catch a few breaks, and somehow snag one of those weird Wild Card spots. That would be a lot of fun, I think.


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