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A Conversation About The Rays and Pitchers

brad: caitlyn: “When Chris Archer makes his MLB debut today, he’ll end a streak of 232 straight games of the Rays starting a pitcher they drafted.”

Kyle: holy fuck
that’s fucking insane

brad: who was the last one???

Kyle: garza?

brad: right

brad: since 2008 the rays have had 13 pitchers make starts for them
9 of them were drafted by the rays

Kyle: wild

brad: the other 4 being:
matt garza
edwin jackson
scott kazmir
mitch talbot

kazmir and talbot made their FIRST major league start with the rays
jackson made 14 starts with the dodgers
garza made 24 starts with the twins
thats like the coolest thing ever
they haven’t had a “veteran” starting pitcher since like 2007

Kyle: man that’s crazy
fucking rays

brad: jae seo
cassey fossum
mark hendrickson
those were the veteran pitchers the rays went outside their organization for in 2006/7
you have to go back to 2005 and HIDEO NOMO
to find anyone who had 100 starts outside the rays prior to pitching for them

Kyle: hideo nomo hahaha

brad: james shields 198
scott kazmir 137
david price 103
matt garza 94 (24)
jeff niemann 91
andy sonnastine 80
wade davis 64
edwin jackson 63 (14)
cassey fossum 60 (60)
jeremy hellickson 46
mark hendrickson 44 (34)
doug waetcher 35
seth mcclung 32
jason hammel 28
jae seo 26 (76)
hideo nomo 19 (299)
jp howell 18
tim cocoran 17
alex cobb 15
matt moore 14
dewon brazelton 8
brian stokes 4
rob bell 3 (68)
john webb 1
mitch talbot 1

every TB starting pitcher from 2005-2012
bold means they were drafted by the rays
parentheses are the number of starts they had in the MLB before starting for the rays
number not in parentheses is number of starts with the rays in the last EIGHT years
13/25 were drafted
18/25 made their first start for the rays
of the 7 who didn’t make their debut with the rays, only 4 had more than fifty starts, and only 1 had more than a hundred

Kyle: i wish i was a rays fan

brad: plus they didn’t resign carl crawford
they’re SO SMART

Kyle: hahaha

Kyle: hey do you mind if i just copy and paste all that rays pitcher talk into a blog post?
i dont feel like writing one today
and it’s at least interesting

brad: yeah
of course

Kyle: the best part is that you did all the work


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