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Something About Sports and Maybe Baseball

Do you know what’s easier than writing? Stuffing your face with Holiday meats and cheeses and alcohols, and not writing. I’d feel bad except that I don’t. A couple of dead-Internet weeks with the built-in Christmas excuse to be slothful and unproductive was the pleasant spiral within which I am most comfortable. And now here we are. A new year is soon upon us, the deepest and darkest dead of the baseball winter still to come. It’s got me bored and uninspired and pensive. Standard operating procedure.

I was reading the internet this morning, more specifically the excellent and Blog Endorsed “I Suck at Football” column by Alex Pappademas. In his most recent column, Mr. Pappademas talks about reading a Don DeLillo book I have not yet read (End Zone) and then quotes a passage from said book that touches on the very nature of sport, and fandom, and life and order and whatever else. I would like to steal and repurpose the quote here, because it’s a very good quote and also ties in nicely with the lineage of this Weblog, but also because it’s an excellent way to post something with very little effort.

The exemplary spectator is the person who understands that sport is a benign illusion, the illusion that order is possible … The exemplary spectator has his occasional lusts, but not for warfare, hardly at all for that. No, it’s details he needs — impressions, colors, statistics, patterns, mysteries, numbers, idioms, symbols. Football, more than other sports, fulfills this need. It is the one sport guided by language, by the word signal, the snap number, the color code, the play name. The spectator’s pleasure, when not derived from the action itself, evolves from a notion of the game’s unique organic nature. Here is not just order but civilization.


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Link From Grantland Keeps Author Moderately Encouraged


Before we start, I’d like to acknowledge how potentially insufferable I’m about to be. It won’t be the first or last time. With this in mind, I will still continue to type because A) these kind of self-serving, narcissistic posts are the most easy to write and B) I find it at least somewhat instructive to document, from time to time, the noteworthy happenings of this small little web log. If I didn’t celebrate the small victories, I wouldn’t celebrate anything at all, and once I finally lose it and quit the internet and move up into the hills, I can at least print all this off as a personal keepsake and proof that more than zero people ever read some words I wrote. Ahem.

Long story short: this blog was linked to in a post on the online sports and popular culture destination Grantland. Grantland is where Alex Pappademas writes the more than excellent I Suck at Football column, and through some fantastical Twitter machinations, somehow found it within his heart to link back here. No bullshit, I can’t recommend his column enough, and last week, as I was tending to my regular reading, I was quite literally gobsmacked when I realized what was going on. The immovable and unstoppable force that is ESPN contributed to the largest spike in traffic that this silly little site has ever seen, and so if nothing else, that is neat. This is a thing that happened and now I have written about it.

As a writer of baseball blog posts that no one reads, I often battle with discouraging thoughts, and sloth, and the considerable limits of my own intellect. Even after an encouraging bout of inspiration, and perhaps writing a post that I don’t instantly find to be completely repulsive, there is still the very real fact that probably not very many people will ever lay eyes on it (if you are one of those people, God bless you). This is how things are and that’s just fine, however, that particular idea has been had, it has been written about, and now it is gone. The words exist and the creative impulse served, and no matter how bad or good or transcendent the post in question may be, there is no getting it back, no reposting or recycling down the road when maybe more people might see it. In order to be successful at this nonsense (I think), one must put one’s best foot forward at all times, and cross one’s fingers. There’s no telling when the universe might click and the right person might stumble on over here, and so there is no saving of ideas, or stockpiling of prose, there is only your best try and your strongest hope and a great deal of nothing. The rare posts you’re proud of disappear quickly and then it’s time for the next one and sometimes that can be trying. This post was one of those posts. I didn’t hate it, I might have even liked it, but no one saw it and then it was gone and shit happens. A great deal of time passed and then it was linked to on a popular sports website. So that’s nice. I will take that.

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