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West Seattle Youth Throws Perfect Game, Strikes Out Everyone

This Jacob Terao character from West Seattle pitched a perfect game the other day, and he did so by striking out every single batter he faced. Every single one. It was Little League, and a six inning game, but still—I don’t care who you are, that’s impressive. Jacob also showed that his post-game athlete cliche tool is already Major League ready, saying:

I am glad that I had my catcher Kai Osaka and all of my teammates supporting me.  They really helped to keep me motivated and finish the game.

I think this kid has a real future ahead of him, you guys. The local story I linked to above would also like you to know that no Major League pitcher has ever struck out every single batter he faced in a game, so be sure and file that priceless little bit of trivia away for later use when you really need to impress your friends.

Here are some of the different directions I thought about taking this post after the introduction:

  • Make up some fake details and quotes about how Terao had already mastered baseball and was planning on quitting. Say he had decided to take up astrophysics or internal medicine or something.
  • Get all super over-the-top and hacky and suggest that Terao could give the Twins or Mariners or Indians an honest challenge. Make really awesome jokes about some of the bad offenses in baseball right now.
  • Talk about how shitty at hitting those little kids on the other team were. Generally berate and mock them mercilessly.
  • That’s really it. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it. Obviously.

A generous hat tip to Eric Nusbaum for alerting me to this story.


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