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Call to the Pen: Smelly Bloggers Admitted to BBWAA








Please click this internet hyperlink to read the entire post over at Call to the Pen

These guys write about baseball on the internet, so they are nerds, no doubt. But they are not the basement dwelling, hot pocket consuming nerds you read about in the curmudgeonly pages of your local newspaper. There’s this other preposterous assumption floating around out there that to know and understand sabermetrics is to actively despise live baseball and the beauty of the game. This, like most preposterous rumors, also turns out to be unfounded. An active antidote so such thinking, these gentleman celebrate baseball down to the most minute, and some might even say, the most insignificant details. In addition to traditional analysis, these guys write poems about the game, break down the facial hair of the all-timers, they examine baseball cards and write philosophical manifestos on the happiness inspired by following baseball. They are also transparent and accessible members of the community, which is significant, I believe.


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