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Roy Halladay is The Immortal


“That’s how we labeled him: This guy is The Immortal, we’re all just humans, and we’re lucky enough to play baseball with him,” said Cole Hamels, one of the Phillies’ aces who, postseason included, threw 262 1/3 innings in 2008 and remains awed by Halladay pushing similar boundaries annually. “He made it seem so easy, and at the same time, when the opposing team thinks it had got to him, he flipped a switch, and it was, like, ‘Nope.’ It’s like when you try to scare someone, and he knows you’re trying to scare him, and it doesn’t work. It’s embarrassing.”

Hat tip to Navin Vaswani for providing the above source with his Hot Internet Tweetage.


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Call to the Pen: Ruben Amaro and Jack Zduriencik: A Phone Conversation


Please click this internet hyperlink to read the entire post over at Call to the Pen

Ruben Amaro leans back in his chair and swivels one-half turn to face the windows behind his desk. His back is to the door. He gently closes his right fist and taps his knuckles on the arm rest. He glances at his watch, is unmoved by the time, looks upwards and closes his eyes. The phone rings. He opens his eyes. In the reflection of the dark windows he can see the plastic light of the device flashing orange and intermittent. He turns and faces his desk, lets the ringing go unanswered three more times. He picks up the phone.

Amaro: Hello?

Zduriencik: Ruben.

A: Oh, good evening, Jack. I didn’t think it would be you.

Z: No? No, I suppose you wouldn’t.

A: It’s been a while.

Z: Indeed, it has been. Are you busy?

A: I’m always busy, Jack, you know that. But what’s up?


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Call to the Pen: Chase Utley Returns to Phillies Lineup, Fulfills Prophecy

I just did a Google image search hoping to find a humorous picture of Chase Utley to accompany this post. I probably could have tried a little harder, I mean there has to be something out there, but instead let me tell you what I learned. Chase Utley likes beanies and seems to wear them a lot when he’s not being a baseball player. Chase Utley may or may not have one or two dogs. This probably isn’t news to you, but Chase Utley slicks his hair back in that weird way and then hangs out in the dugout without a hat or helmet on. He does this often and it looks fucking terrible. Does he slick it back before the game and then just throw a hat over his wet and cold head? Is that why it stays like that for so long and looks so weird? Is there some sort of product in there? Is he constantly applying more water and/or product during the game to keep it looking that way? Doesn’t he know he’s on television? As a guy who regularly allows his hair to grow somewhat long, I understand the agitation of having stupid, annoying hair all over your ears and face and shit, being all unruly and uncomfortable and even more so when you’re trying to do stuff like picking an object up off the ground or playing professional baseball or whatever. So I get it. Just slicking that shit back behind your ears feels a lot better. But I have to imagine if I knew I was going to be on TV all the time I might think of a different solution to this problem. Maybe just cut my hair more often. I don’t know.

Oh right, here’s my post about Chase Utley over at Call to the Pen. It’s about how he’s good at baseball but sometimes hurt and how the Phillies have been pretty bad but maybe now they’ll be better and stop losing so many baseball games all the time.

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The Philly Phanatic Was on 30 Rock on Thursday for the Purpose of Humor

You may have noticed that the Philly Phanatic made a cameo appearance on the popular television comedy 30 Rock on Thursday night as part of NBC’s “Must See TV” block of programming. They’re still doing that, right? I like to be topical and current in my writing and that’s why I’m posting about something that happened no less than 91 hours ago. Either way, 30 Rock was hilarious, as it has been for the short entirety of its current season. I feel like the show has really been bringing it these last few weeks and returning to form in a way that’s very encouraging and awesome. Baseball. The below GIFs feature something related to baseball. A very popular mascot of a very popular Major League Baseball team! You can’t say I didn’t blog about baseball today. Because I did. Technically.

Source: Videogum

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Phillies Pay Jimmy Rollins Money For Ryan Madson

Update: Just change Ryan Madson to Jonathan Papelbon and add a few million. No big deal.

I was going to start this post with a hypothetical and condescending question about roster construction and whether or not a shortstop is more valuable than a relief pitcher, but I think we’re all pretty much on the same page when it comes to that kind of thing. Let’s just get on to the part where I speculate wildly about a number of things in order to (hopefully) make a point.

Word on the street is that the Phillies are getting ever-so-close to signing free agent closer Ryan Madson to a deal worth 44 million over 4 years, with a mysterious fifth year vesting option worth 13 million. If this turns out to be true as all signs seem to be indicating, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s kind of nuts. Ryan Madson is a really good relief pitcher and is fully capable of living up to that contract if he stays healthy. The only thing is that pitchers don’t ever really stay healthy, and that relief pitchers in particular are notoriously fickle, and also quite easy to replace. It’s a better move to invest big piles of money in elite talent and/or players that contribute while playing scarce positions in the field. Players like Jimmy Rollins.

It just so happens that Jimmy Rollins is also a free agent, and he’d like a four or five year deal, preferably five. Jimmy Rollins plays shortstop, and defends it well while also providing above average offense. Ryan Madson does not do any of these things. In a shocking stroke of coincidence, the results of Fangraphs’ Contract Crowdsourcing projects Jimmy Rollin’s next contract at 3.5 years and 11.9 million per year, figures very close to the actual contract Ryan Madson is reported to be signing very soon. Sure, the good readers and writers of Fangraphs could be mistaken in their assessment of Rollin’s next deal, but they’re generally very smart people, and assuming some rogue GM doesn’t lose it and volunteer for a massive overpay (I’m looking at you Mike Rizzo and Brian Sabean), I think we can agree that those figures are a pretty fair and balanced take on what the market should bear. Without getting too wildly irresponsible, we can round those Rollins numbers up to 4 years at 12 million each, and while we’re at it using our imaginations, let’s tack on that 13 million vesting option for a fifth year, because that’s supposedly how the Phillies are rolling these days. All these shenanigans are to convey that instead of giving all those monies to Ryan Madson, I believe Ruben Amaro would have been wise to instead offer almost the exact same deal to Jimmy Rollins. The one who plays shortstop.

I could be missing something. Maybe the Phillies see something in Rollin’s heir, Wilson Valdez, he of the .290 career OBP. Maybe potential-closer-replacement Antonio Bastardo’s struggles near the end of the season were not a result of simple fatigue, but rather a serious injury or mechanical issue that won’t quickly correct itself. Maybe the Phillies are upping payroll and are going to start giving out Ryan Howard type deals to every player on their roster. There’s so much I don’t know about the intricacies of the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Operations! So I can only guess. There’s no denying that Rollins is getting old, and that he’s been hurt a lot, and that a lot of his value is derived from being able to play his particular position with above average skill. Paying a player like that for four or five years is a substantially risky proposition. But is it more risky than paying a reliever almost the exact same money? And all things being equal, wouldn’t you rather gamble on the player who doesn’t have a ceiling on the value he can provide to your baseball team? It seems like signing Ryan Madson will effectively remove the Phillies from spending to keep Jimmy Rollins. I think they should have done it the other way around.

We’ll see you next week when Rollins signs for 6 years and 85 million, making me look really stupid.

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