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A Baseball Poem

I had a dream about Zack Greinke and he spoke to me,

on the telephone,  I mean,

Zack Greinke spoke

to me and he said many things. It was a dream,

remember, and I started spitting teeth

like bad TV but my ears remained in place

and Greinke said “You use me—

you use me like you use so many others.

To suit your needs, as tools

of distraction from thinking

about yourself. Maybe

I shouldn’t be me. I should be someone else,

like your mother or your high school girlfriend or

a person more meaningful.”

I had a dream

about Zack Greinke but it wasn’t

a dream because I was awake

and not sleeping. Greinke

said “You have to check out

this video online. These Russian guys are driving

and they almost hit a semi

head on, but at the last second they swerve

out of the way. It’s crazy.”


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NotGraphs Villanelle Challenge: Will the Mariners Ever Be Good Again

There was a call, sounded out through the pipes and tubes of the Internet and that call was from NotGraphs and it was for villanelle poems. I responded to said call, I responded because I am a sad and lonely man and because I’m desperate for any shred of inspiration to write, no matter how flimsy or structured or poetry-based or not. My poem was about the Seattle Mariners and how they are always bad at baseball and never seem to win all that many baseball games. Today, the destiny of Seattle sports seems even more clear than when I penned the lines, but let us not speak of such things. Instead, here is the internet hyperlink that you can click to read my submission and many others. May sadness not completely consume us just yet.


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