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Call to the Pen: Seattle Mariners 2012 Season Preview

This is what I get for being a Mariners fan, I suppose. Call to the Pen is rolling out team previews for every single goddamn organization and guess who was assigned Seattle? Me. I hope you guessed me, because it’s pretty obvious it’s me at this point isn’t it? I also got assigned the Toronto Blue Jays. That one is going to require a bit more research, and it probably won’t quite be 1,700 words like this Mariners monstrosity I wrote last night. Click on this internet hyperlink to read all about the Seattle Mariners. We cover last season, offseason moves, projected lineups and things, a prospect to watch for, and what the 2012 season may have in store. Some of it is hopeful! Some of it is so very not. If there’s one thing I’d like you to take away from all those words it’s that Felix Hernandez is awesome. Not really, but I wanted an excuse to link to that video.

“What’s your best pitch?”

“All five.”

Damn straight.


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