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One Man’s Rebuttal of Another Man’s Rebuttal of WAR the Baseball Statistic


First, there was an article about WAR and it was called “WAR is the Answer” and the people, they talked about it. Sam Miller’s piece for ESPN Magazine and also ESPN the Website fanned the flames of the analytical/eye-test baseball debate, sparking all sorts of internet comments and tweets and probably some talking head yelling on some shows somewhere. But no matter how many concessions Miller made in his piece, no matter how many counter-arguments he anticipated and proactively disarmed, there were always going to be articles like this pile of garbage by Michael Hurley from CBS Boston. Hurley isn’t having all this WAR talk, and he has all sorts of facts and evidence on his side that he expertly employs in order to convincingly cast reasonable doubt on the whole framework of WAR and why advanced statistics may be more problematic than many believe. No, wait, he doesn’t do any of that. He just beats his chest and loudly regurgitates the same tired old bullshit of the ignorant and threatened, arguments Miller had already considered, discussed, and disproved in his piece. To be fair to Hurley, reading Miller’s piece more than like, one and a half times would have taken about 20 minutes, and that doesn’t even include all the thinking time that would have came after. In what follows, I’d like to highlight a few passages of particularly egregious nonsense, and discuss all the reasons why Hurley is so wrong. First, let’s start with zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Call to the Pen: (Isolated) Power Rankings!

I already sort of used up all my Power Rankings jokes in my post at Call to the Pen. So just read that. Read the post and the jokes contained therein and perhaps chuckle once or twice. You might enjoy yourself. But don’t hold me to that. The post involves the statistic Isolated Power (ISO) and how all the teams fare against one another when compared using said statistic. Really heady stuff. Really in-depth analysis.

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