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Call to the Pen: On the Blue Jays and Going For It

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The Blue Jays have made a rather large baseball trade. It is notable in both name value and monetary value. It is as risky as it is large. The Jays seemed to have called up the Marlins, or the other way around, it really doesn’t matter. The Marlins said, hey, we want to unload all of our large contracts, we don’t want to pay anybody. To that, the Blue Jays seem to have said, Ok, send them over, we’ll pay them. That’s about it. No doubt it’s more complicated than that, but for most intents and purposes, the Marlins dumped salary, and the Blue Jays picked it up. Such a move could make or break the franchise in the coming years. They could end the playoff drought and reward fans for decades of loyalty, or they could tank and lose all sight of hope. There is some extreme stuff going on in the Great White North. And why not?


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