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Call to the Pen: 2012 Season Review Series: San Francisco Giants

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The 2012 season could not have gone any better for the San Francisco Giants. I suppose they could have won every single game they played and had every single player on the roster go to the All-Star game, but a World Series title, a homegrown catching savant returning from a horrific injury to claim MVP honors, and a perfect game from the vaunted pitching staff’s ace hurler will do just fine, I imagine. Buster Posey was one of the best players in the game. Matt Cain made history. Pablo Sandoval hit an inhuman three home runs in a single World Series game. The Giants won a second championship in three years. They even got two historic playoff starts out of Barry Zito! The contract was worth it after all! Yes, a rather remarkable season, indeed. Soak it in, Giants fans, take a lot of pictures and write down some notes in your diary, because there’s no way it will ever get any better than this.


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Buster Olney Tweets Poetry: Part II

Scherzer’s first

inning: 10

pitches, 8

strikes, fastball





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Call to the Pen: When Delmon Young Threw A Baseball

I’m sort of at a loss as to where to go next with this piece. I’m overwhelmed with inspiration. The opportunities are almost endless. I could go super over the top and enthusiastic, use some Caps Lock and exclamation points and ha ha ha my way through the throw. I could try faux-profundity, whip out the thesaurus and turn this thing into a metaphor for human frailty. I could write a poem, because this GIF is poetry. Since I’ve already established that I can’t decide (how fortunate for me), and because I’m lazy (indeed), I’ll leave the interpretation of Delmon’s throw to the reader. This throw is whatever you want it to be, it’s a gift from baseball to you, the loyal and deserving fanatic. Cherish it. Hold on to it and don’t let it go. Predicting baseball is a fool’s errand, it’s folly, but there is no substitute for the satisfaction of being right.

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Call to the Pen: Neil Young Predicts the World Series

It turns out that Neil is not wrong, and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to baseball. Either Detroit will win the World Series or San Francisco will win the World Series. Neil Young did not predict that San Diego would win the World Series, so I believe we should accept his expertise and adjust our lives accordingly. Not only is Neil Young a very prolific and talented musician, he is also a baseball expert. This should only strengthen our admiration of the man. Take this very important and critical knowledge with you and share it with friends and loved ones.

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One Year Later (Kind of): Remembering San Francisco After the Giants Won The World Series

Baseball is so depressing these days! Both for reasons that matter and don’t. Greg Halman is a reason that matters. The annoying results of the MVP races is a reason that doesn’t. The new CBA that is going to turn every awesome amateur baseball player away from the sport falls somewhere in between, more towards the not-mattering side of the spectrum, but nonetheless, all these things taken in a large two day chunk can get a guy down on things. Also, it’s raining, and cold. So there’s that.

Now seems like as good a time as ever to think back on good and better times. Like sort of a year ago when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, and my wife and I were in the city with our friends and it was all a big mess of chaotic fun. I’ve been putting off writing this, mostly because I think my experience sort of defies description (One, I was drinking, and Two, I’m not that good of a writer), because the pictures don’t really do things justice, and because I’m unsure about how interesting this would seem to other people. Oh well, here goes.

I have a funny relationship with the San Francisco Giants. In college, as I was easing back into liking baseball again after a decent hiatus, it was fantasy drafts and friends from San Francisco who got the ball rolling. These guys were like I am now, and they knew a ton about the game and even more about their hometown team. For one reason or the other, being the cultured admirer of letters and fine writing that I am, I began to somewhat regularly read McCovey Chronicles. And so for a while, I knew more about the San Francisco Giants and the players on my fantasy team than I did about the Seattle Mariners. Drafting Eric Bedard in the third round before his first season in Seattle was a bad choice. And so time passed, and my enthusiasm for the game evolved, and I started reading a great deal of other websites and articles, and here we are. Last season, when the Giants made the playoffs, I jokingly agreed with my wife that if they went all the way to the World Series, that we’d go down to San Francisco to watch the games with our friends. Turns out the Giants made it to the World Series and it turns out that joke turned into reality.

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Comedian Dave Hill Bringing the World Series Ruckus

It feels kind of strange, the baseball season being over, doesn’t it? I’m sensing this kind of lull all over the expansive world of the baseball nerding internet today—blogs being updated less, enthusiasm waning, the hot stove only sort of lukewarm at this point. It’s kind of a bummer, but what are you going to do? Oh look, CC Sabathia just signed an extension with the Yankees! I’ll admit, even that isn’t doing much for me right now, but it seems like the Yankees did alright on that one? Or whatever? See, things just aren’t that exciting right now. Baseball was real fun and now its over and now all we have left is the unavoidable chaos of free agent rumors and stupid fucking John Heyman tweets and trying to care where Josh Willingham signs and for how much and how long. Don’t get me wrong, I like all that stuff. It’s entertaining at the very least (remember when Vernon Wells actually got traded last year? Goddamn hilarious), and all the inevitable Hall of Fame garbage is sure to get my blood boiling like it always does. There’s going to be plenty to do. It just won’t be the same, is all. I can’t even justify ranking players for fantasy for at least another 3 months or so.

No, I’m still stuck in semi-melancholy appreciation of the World Series and how interesting the whole thing was. It gives me a good opportunity to post some of the frankly amazing tweets that Comedian and Sharp Dresser Dave Hill was releasing to the world as the Fall Classic came to a close. I’ve stolen and re-posted them here, in appreciation, for posterity, and because I’d rather funnier and more talented people do my work for me. It’s Monday. Read the tweetings from the bottom up because that’s how Twitter works, gramps.

Dave Hill Being Hilarious

I think I speak for all of us when I say that that shit is super funny. I was sitting down at a concert venue awaiting the comedy of Doug Benson as my wife showed me these tweets on her phone, and I laughed very hard. There was so much comedy going on in one room in such a concentrated period of time I’m not even sure how I survived it. “Now the Texas team is all crying.” I can’t stop thinking about that and awkwardly smiling to myself in public, holding my hand up to my mouth in some weird pretend yawn that hardly resembles a move any normal person would ever make. I applaud you, Dave Hill, for turning your considerable talents towards the realm of our National Pastime if only for a temporary flight of fancy.

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St. Louis Cardinals: World Series Champions

What exactly did we expect? Lately, this bat and ball game has spoiled us to an extreme degree. It would have been awesome to go extra innings again, or end on a walk-off, or witness another remarkable cluster of chaos and transcendence—but after the way the regular season ended, and how things went down in game 6, the World Series will be forgiven for going out with a bit of a whimper. These things happen.

After David Freese plated the tying runs with a double in the first, I got sucked in again. I could envision the game being decided in the ninth, some final strike scenario. But the game went on, the fifth inning got messy—a terrible call and a hit batter later, and the inevitable began to sink in. It was a little depressing, but mostly it just was. One team wins and the other loses. The team leading in the fifth inning usually stays that way. Every game can’t rub up against the boundaries of history.

Speaking of history, let’s do away with this hung-over restraint and give the St. Louis Cardinals their due. As annoying as they could be (very fucking annoying), that team did something miraculous. They are perhaps the most unlikely World Series winners of all time. Regardless of how difficult it is to gather up the proper perspective at this very moment, that’s no small feat. Good for Yadier Molina, who might still manage to stay underrated despite all the attention he was rightfully given this post-season. Good for Allan Craig, who bugged me to no end, but who came through time after time and is living a dream few part-time minor league overachievers ever get to experience. Good for Chis Carpenter, who might be a dick, but who turned in a couple performances of a lifetime on the way to a World Series victory. Good for Lance Berkman, one of the most underrated hitters ever, who after years of epic losing in Houston finally broke though as a champion. And good for Albert Pujols and David Freese, two players inextricably linked to St. Louis for extremely different reasons, but two players whose accomplishments and circumstances somehow managed to equal the force of the narrative surrounding them. Hollywood type shit.

I was rooting for the Texas Rangers. Maybe that makes me a bad Mariners fan, but the heart wants what it wants, motherfuckers. Their team was loaded with talented and likable players, and the Cardinals were annoying, I couldn’t help it. I feel for their fans. As a supporter of Seattle sports born after the year 1979, I’m sensitive to that kind of agony. The kind sports inspire—the kind you feel ridiculous for feeling but it’s there nonetheless. I feel bad for Adrian Beltre, mostly. I love that guy. It’s really fun to watch him play baseball. I feel bad for Josh Hamilton and Mike Adams and Mike Napoli and Elvis Andrus and all the other cool and/or interesting players who fell just a bit short. I feel bad for Ron Washington, who seems like a really nice guy who really loves his players, but who is a terrible tactical manager whose decisions cost his team countless times. Bummer, am I right?

The World Series is over, and so is baseball for a while. It was a fun season! It always is.

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Assorted Thoughts on Game Six of the World Series

World Series Game 6

That game was absolutely insane. It delivered pretty much what this entire Series has led us to expect. Bad managing, big plays, epic games. I’d elaborate more but my brain is pretty fried and I need to brush my teeth and go to bed. If I were a real man, I’d take the day off tomorrow. The following bullet points were crafted somewhat in real-time, so hopefully you’ll understand why they get progressively more scattered and frantic. We’re going to have a game 7. Of course we are.

  • Call me crazy, but I’m not ready to kill Matt Holliday for his error in the 4th. Obviously, that ball was up in the air a long time, and was his all the way—however, Rafael Furcal was pretty adamant as he went after the ball, and seemed intent on catching it, never once indicating that he was going to yield to Holliday until it was much too late. Furcal is the shortstop, a field general leader-type position, and he was taking charge there. You could visibility see Holliday yelling “Take it! Take it!” before all the confusion and terrible defense and colliding and missing. I’m willing to call it even and split the blame up for that unsightliness 50/50.
  • If I’m making the big bucks, I pinch-hit for Lewis in the 5th with the bases loaded. Lewis is a pitcher, and pitchers are bad at hitting. Sure, so is Yorvit Torrealba, but it doesn’t take much to upgrade over an AL pitcher at the plate. The game could be essentially put away at that moment, and I don’t know if you know this, but Texas has a pretty good bullpen. Once you add impressive thespian Derek Holland’s availability to the equation, the substitution seemed like a no-brainer.
  • And oh look, since I wrote that last bullet point, Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs has posted an epic take-down of Ron Washington’s managerial mistake. Real-time nerd rage!
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I Like Those Hats With the Earflaps

Elvis Knows
They didn’t play a World Series game last night even though they wanted to. It was all cold and raining, apparently. Inclement weather in the latter days of October? Inconceivable! Let’s add a few more playoff teams and drag this sucker out into Thanksgiving. The good news is that when the autumnal chill overtakes post-season baseball diamonds, for one reason or the other we sometimes get to see baseball players wearing these hats with earflaps. They’re big time with shortstops, bespectacled vitamin swallowing managers, and horse-faced Yankees. And I for one, am for ’em! I can’t really place why I enjoy these hats so much. Maybe it’s just my contrarian nature to covet things that are weird and represented in a small quantity. Maybe I have a deep and undiagnosed phobia of ears that I don’t consciously know about. Maybe the flaps trigger in me nostalgia for cold, wet Little League games played in the never-ending sting of Washingtonian post-Winter, and memories of driveway games of one-base-baseball played with a 28 ounce bat and a grocery store soccer ball. Uneven running surfaces. Peg outs and shit. Either way, I like those hats with earflaps, baby. Here’s a humble hope for more in the final game(s) of the Series.

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World Series Game Six Rainout Live Blog

Fucking Rain

The Trance of Waiting is happy to announce that we’ll be live blogging tonight’s World Series Game Six Rainout! Things should get started around 5pm Western United States Time. Sit back, pop a brew, and follow all the white hot action live right here. See you tonight!

5:00 – And we’re off! I just finished doing the dishes and am now blogging this very instant with the HGTV program House Hunters playing on the television. Before I got home, I spent some time at the local grocery store, purchasing some chicken, an artichoke, balsamic vinegar and the like. You know, the essentials.

5:13 – These fools should pick House #2. With its hardwood floors, general layout, and deck coming off the kitchen, it’s definitely due for some positive regression. You’re gonna get more wins per dollar, here.

5:19 – Our good friend Lance Berkman on the rainout: “I’m not even sure why they canceled it. This is better than the weather for Game 1. I guess I’m going to lie back on the couch like a big, fat pig and watch a movie.” Doesn’t he mean big, fat PUMA?! Those Cardinals, so free and loose! Don’t count those scrapmeisters out just yet.

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