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Call to the Pen: The Agony of Rany Jazayerli, Royals Fan

Today at Call to the Pen, I wrote about a blog post penned by Rany Jazayerli that vents the many frustrations involved in following the Kansas City Royals. I’m a Mariners fan, so I feel like I can sympathize a bit.

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Kansas City Royals Sign Yuniesky Betancourt

Presented without comment as the jokes all write themselves.


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Regarding Octavio Dotel’s Throw, and What Followed

There’s probably a metaphor here, with this subject kicking off my inaugural post. Read into it what you will.

Sports fans, myself included, are fond of mentally elevating their own athletic ability after a professional makes a particular mistake. It’s often you’ll hear from a casual observer, “Oh, I could have done that.” It’s a fun thing to say, even if it is sort of dickish. It allows the speaker to inhabit the realm of the supremely talented, if only for a single fleeting moment. It’s kind of a funny statement, sometimes, I suppose. Oh that highly paid professional athlete made a blunder that I also could have made with my significantly smaller paycheck and talent level! is the implication. The dirty little secret is that most of the time, and depending on the speaker, these statements are usually wrong. Hilariously wrong, even. Most sports fans probably don’t even posses the ability to put themselves in the proper position to make such a mistake. They aren’t fast enough, can’t jump high enough, can’t throw a ball as hard, can’t swing a bat as fast. Most sports fans would need an infusion of talent to simply attempt to make the mistake of a professional athlete.

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